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Kleenitup on Vacation….


Turning LOL into OMG

Driving while texting, walking while texting…holy shit what a hazard….every single day I drive home or to work I see some assclown weaving in and out of lanes, then realizing he forgot to merge so he swerves back at the last second. I’ve made it a habit when I see this kind of stupidity to pull up next to the guy/girl(usually girl) and see what could have caused it. Your guess? Right. The bitch is usually texting or talking on the cell phone. The Chinese fucking know what they’re doing…our nation is stupid enough to kill ourselves off by tweeting ourselves to death with their hardware….

Katie Couric said it best…

Bingo bango bongo…

Yeah so I recently joined the NRA and was checking out their online store…Are you fucking serious, tell me you don’t want this jean jacket with holsters for your mag clips for your glock. I have been debating buying handgun for sometime but the reality is I am way too reckless, constantly harm people enough already, and just don’t have the cash. Well on that note, when I do grow up I am buying this bad boy right off the rack. Oh and by grow up I mean accidentally impregnating some girl


Number one Cage…

I have a love/hate relationship for Nic Cage…I mean, his acting is sub-par, he’s in and out of bankruptcy, and is a closet Sheen. With that said, I recently saw the movie Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans, a remake of an early nineties movie staring Harvey Keitel who is essentially a corrupt crazy cop. Well, the remake is legendary and brought me to this video clip…maybe the greatest montage I have ever come across…please enjoy you reckless bastards


My Top 5 Most Hated Actors/Actresses

I know this is kind of random but I decided to post a top 5 list….today’s is my top 5 least favorite actors…

1) Justin Long…Hello Im a PC and a I’m  Mac aka a douchebag that’s been playing the same queer role my entire career…way to nab Drew Barrymore who hasn’t been hot since she was 16 blowing Charlie Sheen in the back of cabs

2) Abigail Breslin – I don’t care if she’s 12. Little Miss Little Miss can be wrong and she is

3) Willem Dafoe – Creep in most movies, queer in others, certainly not believable as a badass opposite Sheen and Berenger in Platoon

4) Michael Rappaport – because  he’s this guy. you hate him too

5) The entire cast from 3rd Rock from the Sun…I dont care that Joseph Gordon Penisface is in Inception

-John Q

Give your left pinky finger of the day…

Oh and you know my boy in the background just straight creeps on the mike…