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My Top 5 Most Hated Actors/Actresses

I know this is kind of random but I decided to post a top 5 list….today’s is my top 5 least favorite actors…

1) Justin Long…Hello Im a PC and a I’m  Mac aka a douchebag that’s been playing the same queer role my entire career…way to nab Drew Barrymore who hasn’t been hot since she was 16 blowing Charlie Sheen in the back of cabs

2) Abigail Breslin – I don’t care if she’s 12. Little Miss Little Miss can be wrong and she is

3) Willem Dafoe – Creep in most movies, queer in others, certainly not believable as a badass opposite Sheen and Berenger in Platoon

4) Michael Rappaport – because  he’s this guy. you hate him too

5) The entire cast from 3rd Rock from the Sun…I dont care that Joseph Gordon Penisface is in Inception

-John Q


The Hangover: Day 2

Jesus. Saturday was a big one…it got me thinking about 2 day hangovers, something I’ve become quite adept at experiencing these last several years. For whatever reason, the 2(or more) day hangover didn’t happen in college. You can black out, barf out a  Hunch Punch and Uncle Ben’s Rice Bowl combo, and  yea, you’d have a hangover the next day, but it didn’t drag on. No, the 2 day hangover is associated with how bad you feel on Monday morning after a Saturday rage sess. You pretty much know by about 4pm on Sunday what your status is…if you still feel hungover…you’re probably fucked. Theres no way you’ll get restless sleep on Sunday night and you’re guaranteed to wake up Monday thirstier than you’ve ever been in your life…and can still taste Jack and Cokes and Cigarette resin on your tongue. It’s a dark place. The only solution is to power through the morning, drink a shitload of water and basically coast through the day….By the afternoon, you’re on your way to feeling better……