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Give your left pinky finger of the day…

Oh and you know my boy in the background just straight creeps on the mike…



Twitter time

I am believer that if you get your work done and you have some free time, you should be able to look at whatever you want. On that note, I recently joined twitter and like to spend my time looking at pics of the people I follow. I probably should have prefaced of the 33 people I am following 30 are porn stars. Don’t get me wrong I am sure there are a lot of great twitter’ers out there that I should be following, but have you seen this shit??? It is unreal, these girls just post what we know in todays world as sexts. For example my favorite of the bunch is this girl Tori Black, this girl straight brings it with post bang session pics, wake up ass pics, and just candid shit…The point is being able to see these girls outside a whore house is great, like the kind of girl you meet at the local whole foods just straight normal girls who love flowers, long walks on the beach, and anal . Anyways I am not saying you need to bring it to my level but give it a test run…I have only been a member for 24 hours so not sure how long it will last