Hey, Guy

I had a conversation with a salesman at a Brooks Brothers Store the other day that really irked me and this is just a little pet peeve I’ve had for a few years now. The helper kept calling me “guy” it went something like this..

Douche: Hey Guy, is there anything I can help you with?

Me: No just uhh browsing

Douche: Okay Guy…well my name is Douche and I’ll be around if you need me

Me(a little bit annoyed now): Ok buddy

I never spoke with him again, got what I needed and checked out with another salesman but it got me wondering WTF is the story with this Guy bullshit..Was he being an asshole? Is that acceptable? I mean, no offense, but he is the one working at a store and I’m the one shopping there. It’s not like my doctor or financial adviser fucking calling me “guy”, that would at least be more acceptable. Go fold some fucking sweaters, bitch. I left about 14 shirts in a wad in dressing room 3. Oh an I tried on two pairs of chinos with no underwear on.

– JQ

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