Steam Room WTF

Piggybacking off of my iWeightlifting post the other day, I thought I’d add another gym/workout pet peeve. Nothing completes a workout, recharges your body and rejuvenates the soul like a steam room visit after a workout in the winter. Unless the guy(s) in said room are doing something outrageous. I’ve seen it all: people ripping farts, having ridiculous conversations about how much money they make, rubbing shaving cream all over their entire head, neck back… I even had a friend get propositioned at an Equinox Steam Room in NYC, old dudes with old hairy balls doing stretches, calisthenics, jumping jacks…the whole nine yards. But what this greasebag(mid 20s douchemonkey) was doing the other night takes the cake. First…he started popping his pimples in the fucking steam room…Holy shit that is disgusting…I thought he was done because he left and hopefully washed his hands…but he came back. He was wielding something but I couldn’t see what….then I heard it. He was fucking clipping his toe nails in the steam room. Bits and specks of his jagged toe nails flying all over the place like shrapnel in ‘Nam.  I was not gonna let this sonofabitch ruin my steam so I waited it out and watched him collect his scrappings on the towel his feet were resting on.  Now I may be a little bit OCD or something so I already hate the sound of nails getting clipped, but in the Steam Room?!?!? Come on!

-John Q

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