Instant Coffee…

So here we are coming out of this recession and yet people are still cranking out instant coffee from these Keurigs. My office recently purchased one of these bad boys and about 2000 little brew packs…My two favorite names are butter toffee and double black diamond, I mean really? Butter toffee? Anyways, in light of living way beyond my means, I have begun to drink this sewer coffee as well. It honestly tastes like day old brewed coffee, of course what can you expect when its brewed in under 12 seconds…So my day now starts by, one telling my local breakfast spot “sorry no iced coffee for me today I am poor” (yeah I drink iced coffee year round, keeps people guessing), two one of the worst aftertastes that lasts til lunch, and of course third a stomach full of instant brew which ends poorly.


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