The Daily Snow….

I am so fucking tired of snow…I grew up down South and every Winter I prayed for snow because of school closings, a White Christmas, or a good sled day. Well the times have changed my friend, and quite candidly I now understand why all those Californians are at peace, they don’t deal with this shit. I have been living in NYC for four years and in the beginning I thought it was cool, waking up, skipping through the snow and enjoying a good chicken pot pie for lunch. Now I look outside, put on my shittiest clothes and tranche through the snow on yet another mundane day at the office. In light of today and for those of you who have not grown up in the winter wonderlands of the Northeast let me describe three points:

1. All the snow after about 24 hours turns to this brown looking shit and is very comparable to what a dive bar floor looks like after ladies night…its downright disgusting, so if you’re thinking of beautiful white streets please go fuck yourself, you’re way off.

2. One of the worst parts of snow buildup in NYC or well anywhere for that matter is the dog piss…I was walking down the street the other day and the weather had been fucking frigid since the last snow so nothing had really melted. The amount of pissed covered snow is appalling –  there was more yellow than the white. Yeah I know pissing in the snow is great, it melts, you laugh – a very enjoyable moment. Well this is not even piss, it’s like neon yellow from some mutt that probably is carrying some rare bird flu type shit…

3. This third one is just for people living in a commuter large city like Boston, NYC, or Chicago…maybe Pittsburgh but fuck that place anyways your quarterback straight rapes chicks….anyways a place only known to man as underground transportation, yeah where all the homeless people go to sleep and galavant around town. The subway during a snow is like a hot steam fully clothed with a bunch of strangers…I will attach a pic later since I already know my commute home will be hell.

I am sure there are much more but these are three instances that have stood out to me over the last month


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