*Not actual woman I saw at gym

This shit has gotten a little bit out of control. We get it. You have an iPad….yes they’re cool, yes we notice you have one…but for the love of God, lifting weights with an iPad? Over the line. I witnessed this for the first time right after the holidays when I saw a woman in my gym carrying hers around and talking to another fellow gym buddy. At first  I thought that she must have been running on the treadmill and saw a friend, so came over to talk…she couldn’t have been using her iPad as a music/workout device..right? Wrong. Not only was she doing Lat Pulldowns, Bench Press, Leg Press….the whole shebang with her iPad on her lap or on the ground, she stopped in between workouts to log her feedback using the Notes app and even watched a few instructional videos. I literally cancelled my entire workout just to watch this spectacle. We made eye contact, I did the Lee Trevino in Happy Gilmore headshake letting her know that this was not alright. Now don’t me wrong, nothing at all against women who have trouble losing weight, its tough, its genetics I get it…but maybe this muffintop would have had more success if she wasn’t toting around a fucking iPad in the Gym. I’ve now seen her 3 or 4 times doing the same shit. I pray that I’m there when someone throwing the 10 pound medicine ball knocks that shit out of her hand while she’s using Friendly for Facebook App and I get to see the look on her face when her dumbass sees the screen shatter.

-John Q

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